Jul 2, 2010

=) Bias tape bag

{Bias tape bag from Prudent Baby}

The little things that makes us happy sometimes are really the tiniest in life.
For me, as the days of my pregnancy go by, I see that if my Girl smiling i feel immediately joy and gets all emotional. Also, I got to know, that every little check mark on my "TO DO" lists of projects, makes me jump all around with happy happy faces =D

I have finally got done this week with bags making. When I started sewing Bags were my wishful thinking, and for some reason it took me some time to get it done.
This one here, is super cute and very simple tutorial by Prudent baby, you should really give it a try.  I have more in progress to show you later on =).

I went to pregnancy watch center today, and it might be so that my baby is due earlier than they thought...I really don't know... I have learned from my first one, that they come when they are ready and we are not good at predicting it =D. So, I am now really thinking it is about time to take care of Baby to dos =) just in case they will  be a nice surprise for me =)

Much love


  1. התיק יצא ממש יפה. ואחרי כל התפירות שעשית עד עתה, נראה לי שתיקים זה קטן עליך.
    ולגבי ההריון, אני מקווה שהיא לא תוולד יותר מדי מוקדם. ובאמת הגיע הזמן להשקיע גם קצת בה.
    סופשבוע מקסים שיהיה לכם.

  2. I love your bag Ooty!! Really I love it, everything about it. It's my favourite thing you've made yet :) xo

  3. The bag is so cute...Love the colors, great job!

    Hope that little one bakes long enough for you to get some baby crafting in :)..

  4. התיק משגע ברמות בלתי נתפסות-עשית לי חשק לזנוח את כל המטלות ולנסות אותו
    הוא מושלם!!!!אין ספק-התמקצעת בכלום זמן
    והבייבי תבוא כשתהיה מוכנה, מחזיקה אצבעות


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