Jul 13, 2009

Great Barrier Reef

First time that I am in Thailand and I’d get to see what are they talking about when they say “raining season”, from 9 pm until 7 pm the day after, there was a non-stopping rain !!!!!!! I say – that is a looooooooooot of rain =D. But, don’t feel sorry for me, we still had a great time here, plenty of games, tropic fruits, movies and yeh Internet finally =0). So, here I can keep up with my tour update =0), and post some pictures as I promised.


Well, here is us – just before taking the Magic Reef cruise to the great barrier reef, I highly recommend about those guys, very professional, super kind and let us have wonderful time!!!

Great Barrier Reef 3

We took a helicopter flight above the reef to see its whole beauty =0) it is REALLY gorgeous!!!


Petting huge friendly fish =D


Out for some air

And here are some more under the sea views =0)


Cuttlefish 2

green turtle

Giant clam

Much love

Jul 12, 2009

Wow it has been so long since I had the chance to write something down. Lots and lots of great experiences and many of such a good time we had throughout this past time. Since I last posted here, I never really got the chance to do as I was planning and to write some of our holiday funs down… but no need to feel sorry for me I was only busy doing some more of a great time =0). And anyway, since now it is super raining outside I will take this chance to start over from our first Aussie visit at the land of Victoria which was nice, especially the great opportunity we had to actually watch the sweet smallest penguin in the world coming out of the water and walking just a few cm from us =0) that was the sweetest thing ever!!!! If you happened to be around Phillip Island you must see these sweet little creatures!!!
From there, we took a flight to the very beautiful Tasmania.
I had such a great time there, it was such a nice surprise for b me to find out about this place. We rented a car there and drove all around the country. It was very beautiful (and frizzing cold) with lots of great fun time!!! I am having a new love now = Rain forests =D. Among all the beauty around, we had a huge fun getting to know all the wild life animals that they have there, such that we have never seen in person before or elsewhere in our side of the world.
Tasmania Devil
Tsmania Devil ( he is not as evil as he looks like=0))
I love Kualas
lovely Kuala
Sweet Possom who tried to steel our food
Kengeru feeding
and, last but not least feeding the kengerus =0)

Much Love
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