Jul 13, 2009

Great Barrier Reef

First time that I am in Thailand and I’d get to see what are they talking about when they say “raining season”, from 9 pm until 7 pm the day after, there was a non-stopping rain !!!!!!! I say – that is a looooooooooot of rain =D. But, don’t feel sorry for me, we still had a great time here, plenty of games, tropic fruits, movies and yeh Internet finally =0). So, here I can keep up with my tour update =0), and post some pictures as I promised.


Well, here is us – just before taking the Magic Reef cruise to the great barrier reef, I highly recommend about those guys, very professional, super kind and let us have wonderful time!!!

Great Barrier Reef 3

We took a helicopter flight above the reef to see its whole beauty =0) it is REALLY gorgeous!!!


Petting huge friendly fish =D


Out for some air

And here are some more under the sea views =0)


Cuttlefish 2

green turtle

Giant clam

Much love


  1. Oh my, those are beautiful pictures! What did your daughter think about it?

  2. thanks =0) she said salty water and not yammy =D but seriously she loved it and still talking about the huge fish that gave us a visit =0).


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