Feb 28, 2009

Anthropolification Boyer Cream Cardi GIVEAWAY!!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!

Look at this fabulous cardi!!!!!!! So very elegant, and, you can also get a chance to win this very beautiful one!!

Anthropolification Boyer Cream Cardi GIVEAWAY!!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!

Feb 27, 2009

Feb 26, 2009


Thoughts creates reality
As older I get the better I have come to understand and truly believe that our thoughts does rules us.
It is easy to say I know, and for me it is verrrrrrrrrrrrry hard to shut these little voices in my head that makes my stomach burns. But, I know I am doing my best to overcome this and let myself free from it, I have noticed that it is only pulling me back and brings fear into my days.





I made this, after a long talk with my dearest friend who showed me that all my fears were only in my head – a fruit of my own thoughts creation…
Take care with lots of positivity
Much love

Feb 25, 2009

New Earrings =0)


I get bored really fast!! How about you?
I think this is why I always look for new things. New things to buy, new things to do, to make
And of course new places to travel =0) (ohhh ….” if I was a rich man …”)





The earrings making are new thing for me – so I am very pleased to do something new!!
I tend not to make two of the same kind .
I have listed some of it at my Etsy shop, hope you would give me a visit there =0).
This was from the first kiln, now I have porcelain drying and planned to be made with 12 karat gold and Platinum (white gold).
Hope you like it.

Much love

Feb 24, 2009

Cats Silhouettes =०)


This was one of the sweetest custom orders that I have made =0)
It has been a long time since I made something for kids (well beside, what my own one ask me to make for her)
So it was very refreshing!
Two cats silhouette for twins (boy & girl)



Much love


Feb 23, 2009

Colors Meeting =0)

I had a great meeting with my arts and crafts forum club meeting!!!!
I have to admit this get better every time!!!
This time the meeting subjecr was “COLORS” we all had to make one creation based on this subject for our trading creations game =0)
This is what I made for it:
ceramic colors
ceramic colors
And this is what I have got:
Isn’t it great to receive and give such colorful things??!!
I have also made some earings from ceramic and gave out to each one of the ladies that were in the meeting, I will post the earings later on because I still have not had the chance to take pics of it =0)
Also during this meeting we learned how to make Japanese box which can be covered both with papers or fabrics, this was little bit complicated at the beginning which was very tricky but later on we all got our boxes done =0)

Here are some boxes that were made:

Anyway, I am soooooooooooooooo looking frward our next meeting!!!
Much love

Feb 22, 2009

Look !!!!

While we were in Prague this time I’ve noticed there a new restaurant (oops forgot the name now…) but what catches my eyes there was the restaurant design. It was beautiful, well picked items and the atmosphere there felt great.
They had ‘Calabash’ pumpkins as decorative lamps.
I was so excited about it so I have taken many pics there lol and made my husband as well =D
here you can also see me trying to decide what am I going to eat =D
They made holes at the calabash, filled the holes with see through beads, also what’s nice about it that the covered with natural rope the electricity cables.
So what do you think??
Ohhhhh, I forgot the food was great!!! I must ask my husband again for the restaurant’s name!!!
Much love

Feb 18, 2009

Back to Life

Getting back to life after vacation is not an easy task =0)
I have so many things to catch up with and all I want is to get back on track with my sleeping hours =D
Prague was beautiful as always I had a great time!!

I saw snow finally after so many years that I have not =D

The ceramic studio was welcoming and very informative, I had a great time!!!!
Until my Prague vacation next year ;) I have to get back to life!
Much love

Feb 10, 2009

Getting ready!

Finally some time off life =0)
I am Taking a flight to Prague tonight and will be there until Sunday morning =0)
The perfect spot on earth for valentine’s day and must not forget shopping!!!!
I will be attending the ceramic studio over there - they are great people that are always willing to teach and share as much as the can. (highly recommended if you are happened to come around)
Sadly we still haven’t found our little Pekingese puppy =0
( someone stole her Saturday morning from our property (how cruel!!) I put out some fliers and pics of her hoping that there are some good people around that will report/bring her back to us…
And, also, Today is an election day here, so we are just about to get ready to go voting. Let’s hope it will be good!
Getting ready for snowy Prague,
Much love

Feb 5, 2009


This is such a busy and short month!!
We have the Tu Bishvat holiday,
I am flying to Prague to attend ‘The ceramic studio in Prague’ class (Yay!!!),
There is the ‘Family day’ , my Mother and Mother is law birthdays, and great Forum meeting about ‘colors’ - - - so there’s a lot to do in such a short time!!!!
And as you know the clay (ceramic) has its own ways in many matters,

This piece was suppose to be for my “light” forum meeting but it took its time and ready only now =P
So I have already started working on our “colors” forum meeting for the end of this month – so clay won’t rule my time =0)

Much love

Feb 4, 2009

Owl =0)

My friend e-mailed me last night great owl pics and crafters.
After 5 minutes I was at my studio cutting papers =0)
And here is something I made out of clay from “crafters” tutorial
So , I guess owl making is contagious lol
Much love

Feb 1, 2009

Say Hello

Please welcome “Sushi” new member to our family =0)

And here is jealous one unhappily joining in

Much love
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