Aug 29, 2009

Great Sale Update!!!!

But 2 get 1 free sale!!!

Some of The Etsy Israel Team is having pre-holiday sale. All of these shops offer a buy 2 get 1 free special.
Hurry up!! Give them a visit and shop! =0)

Much Love

Aug 28, 2009

White Gold

It took me some time to get back to life and start working again in my studio. But, once I started - I am unstopable =D!!!!
I wanted to try to make some earrings out of this Platina white gold that I had. 
so these are my first sets ot earrings made out of blue porcelain and white gold. I'd loooooove to try now the New green porcelain as well!!!

we are having my little one birthday party today So I have only few moments to myself today, and busy preparing it all for the party =0), hope I won't forget my cam so'll have some pics of it later on. =0).

Much love

Aug 26, 2009

Apple time

My Apple of Sodom was featured in an all apple treasury =D - just think of it all apple treasury is like heaven for me!! lol
(click here to see the full treasury)
Thank you!!

Much love

Can't Sleep? =0)

It is late at night I am very tired but can’t sleep (for no reason!).

Thank god for IGOOGLE which mine includes the Google reader.This is what I do when I can't go to sleep. So I am having great blogs reading night in my bed =D.

While I was going over all these fabulous blogs, I saw this sweet surprise by Sarah the giveaway winner.


So I thank you Sarah and so glad you like them and will wear it on =0).

What are you doing when you just can't sleep?

Much love



Aug 22, 2009

I love Ice Cream!!!

I know most of us humans do, but this was not always like this for me. actually I was never the Ices cream lover type!! The first time I found a little magic at an ice cream cone was on my 30th birthday, when my husband took me to Rome by surprise and at this lovely city in every little corner there is a gorgeous Italian Ice cream shop!!! The colors, and the great smell took me over! So, since this whole ice cream eating is new to me, I especially enjoy it now, since it is sooooooooooooooo hot outside, I don't think it was ever this hot before, and I don't know how humans will keep up with this weather..
Anyway, since i won't dare takimg my nose out of air condition today, I have collected for myself my fav ice cream Etsy Items for this weekend.
So, what is your fav Ice cream flavor???
Much love

Aug 18, 2009

My Wish list is on Front Page =)

My Etsy Favs (Wish list) is on My handmade registry Front page =0), how sweet is that. I like this site a lot, since all of my relatives can check it out and see exactly what I want =D. Isn't is great??

Buy Handmade

If you haven't join this site yet, I highly recommend you to do so =0).
Much Love

Aug 16, 2009

And the Winner is.....

The winner of the $32 12k gold decorates porcelain earrings is Sarah!!!!

Congratulations to
 Sarah and, be sure to check back for new contests on and here at my main blog =0).
To the winner: contact me please at here or through to claim your prize.

Thank you all for participating, more to come!!!!

Much love

Aug 13, 2009

New Candy sheep

My little one has adopted her =D So, this one is not for sale, but many more to come! Anyway, it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot outside that I can't even think right.... I must try some rain dancing later on..this is our only chance to survive this summer ;).
If you have not enterd yet, or wantsto have another chance, here you'll find my Happy Giveaway.
Much love

Aug 11, 2009

My very first giveaway =0)

Since I was not home for so long, traveling around the world with my shops closed, I have to give my shops a new push to start All over again.

I have just re-opened my shop , and slowly will finish list the items for sales. I have also started working on a whole new items so there is much more to see in the near future =0).

Oh well, anyway, you have a chance to win my 12k gold swirly decorated porcelain earrings.



There are 2 ways to enter a chance to win:

1. Become a follower of my blog, and post a comment about the giveaway.

2. Blog about this contest, and post a comment.

The giveaway will end by August 16,2009.

The winner will be randomly selected (from and announced on this website on Sunday, August 16. Please check back to see if you won, or leave your email address with comment. The winner will need to contact me to provide name and shipping address.

Much love



Aug 8, 2009

Thank you =0)

Isn't it the greatest thing to get a gift from a friend just because and without expecting it?
As you all know i have a never ending obsessions for apples and all "apples" objects around the world =D.
And so does it happened, that today I got such a cutie gift from a great friend Sari from Gaialai.
look at this super Apple cuties from Shay Aaron Mini Market =0).
Apple Ring

Apple Earrings
Thanks a million my darlin' I love it!!!!
Much Love

Aug 6, 2009

Fish Spa

In between cleaning my studio and melting myself to pain (well not really , but I just wants you to know how horribly hot it is here now {lol}), I fantasize about a nice spa, no worries and pure taking care of myself. As I thought of spoiling myself, I remembered our little experience at Koh-Samui island.
We went to the FISH SPA, which was an unusual spa for us. At first, we went there just for the laugh of it, because I could not believe these tiny little creatures can really do something to me. At first it was pretty much disgusting site to see, but after few seconds, when you get use to the tickles, it was great fun =D + a great laugh!!!
Oh, and guess what, it is really working, when you get out your feet feels and looks as if you were just got your pedicure done =D.
Here is little one first to try.
Monster fishy feet.
Much love

Aug 5, 2009

Can I go back?

After being away for so long, getting back home is not an easy task.
Cooking, cleaning and such seems so far away from me, and yet I MUST get my life back!!
The house looks so neglected to me and every little thing seems to be needing the most of attention….
So here I go, starting tomorrow, I am going to face my house, my kitchen, and most of all my lovely studio that looks like a stock warehouse now.
And as for today, I will keep on dreaming of going back =D

Koh Phi Phi lay lagune

Ao-Nang. Peace Laguna Spa Resort

Krabi Coconut tree

Much Love

Aug 4, 2009

I love it!!!

If you're in search of some high quality, cool and unique style ceramics art, check Kurt&Heidi Becker. I was amazed when I first saw their art at the beautiful Kuranda town in Australia. Here are some of the sculptures that they are having for sale. I especially love the Ned Kelly sculpture.
I wished I would have the chance to have one of these beauties in my house =0).

Go here for more.
Much love
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