Jun 27, 2012

love for Japanese Crochet

I love Japanese crochet pattern, no no - I adore Japanese crochet pattern :).
I can't get enough browsing my books, or any new pattern that I can get a hold on online.
I am a true addict (and I love it).
My new crochet addiction is Raffia. And most of it I am taking from this cute cute pattern book.
かぎ針編みアンダリアのぼうしとバッグ (Let’s Knit series)

It is much slower to crochet, but the result just worth it, Plus it is so very hot right now so it is practical as well.
I am working on some summer gifts for my friends and family that I will be visiting on our vaction. They live in the very south part of Israel which is also happen to be the hottest super sunny spot as well, I am so positive this is going to be in great use for them :)

And one for me, of course, I will definitely need it while boiling out there,

Much love

Jun 19, 2012

La la lovely Crochet pattern

This is such a cute easy pattern, seriously it became to be one of my fave for my girls and for gifting. It is very easy to follow, fast to crochet and well, I adore the outcome :). A top or a dress, summer spring or winter you can adjust it in so many ways, this is the kind of patterns that I really enjoy and keeps coming back to :) 

This one is made out of great great organic cotton yarn - was my first time to work with it.

and here I wanted to play with colors since it so hot and summery here I thought the combo is fitting ;)

Much love
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