Jul 31, 2010

Clay Love

Still working on my brother's wedding gifts for their guests =) I looooooooooooove having over stocks of clay around the house =)

So far we have made 500 pieces!!!!

here is mommy keeping it busy =)

Much love

Jul 30, 2010

New Baby Blanket

My friend's new baby's room is all about violet and spots. Good thing I had lots from violet and white spots fabric, and some  pique leftovers =) 
She told me that she's got only winter blankets, so I immediately made her summery one =))

Much love

Jul 29, 2010

My Creative Space

Still going... (I can't believe it!!!) But, I try to be positive and keep busy, so I am working on some cute wall art for new baby's room =)

For more lovely spaces go over to Kootoyoo and join the game!

Much love

Jul 28, 2010

Fabric Silhouette wall art

Super easy and simple wall art =) . Simply choose your silhouette, tape it to your fabric, cut out, and that's it =D.
Place above contras fabric for it to show (or simply white paper).

Simple, fast and cute isn't it??

Now, I am working on some other items for new baby's room =)

Much love

Jul 27, 2010

For the Granny squares lovers =)

What do ya' do when you are too "fat" to sit in front of your sewing machine? Back to CROCHET =)).
(I must admit I was crazy claying for my brother's wedding, but it is too wet to photo now - so I will leave that for later).
It was too hot these past days, and I decided to try something for my girl. I saw this really cute lace bolero on a nice lady and thought it would be great for my girl to have something like this on her dresses. But, since I was too lazy for pattern searching and instructions following, I have decided to make it out of 6 granny squares (and prayed it would work =D) and so it did!!!
This is great, because you can make it any size you'd like to, and you can have any lacy finish you'd want to as well as colors and design =)
So this is how it goes:

I made it with cotton threads because it is just too hot in here for anything else =)

crochet your square at the size you'd like to (the center one should cover 1/2 of the back at the center)

Make 6 squares of the same size.

Start attaching the squares together to create a rectangle, I attached it with SC because I wanted it to show, If you want to hide you can simply sew it together, or SC with the same color and use it as the wrong side of your bolero.

=)Attach them all like this.

Now, once you have your rectangle, you need to attach two squares together on their outer corner on both sides of the rectangle, I hope this image is showing it =)

once you're done with attaching the corner you have your "basic" bolero =), Now, it is up to you, which lacy finish you'd like to give it. I made a "shell" lace one.

Hope I was clear enough - it is not my strong side =D

Much love

Jul 26, 2010

Hooded towel

I had to give it a try, my girl didn't really like it - she said it would be great if we donate it to the ones in need.... (That means she DON'T like it, but trying to be polite with her mommy =D)
I don't know what went wrong, but it was super quick project, I thought I'd make some more for her, but now I guess not =D.

Much love

Jul 25, 2010

busy weekend =)

I am still here, heavier than ever... things around the house seems so hard to do and difficult to get on with at that size =P
I  was not able to do as much as I would like to, but I do hope for the best and that I am super close to the end now ( I wishhhhhhhhhhh)
This weekend was very busy, but I managed to enjoy it a lot =)
Friday, I have started making my brother's wedding gifts for the guests. He is going to have lots of 'em. I need to make around 450 pieces (1 for each family / couple).
My mother came over with my friends and we all played together with clay and started to work on it. It was fun and exciting and of course little emotional making it. My little brother is getting married this is huge =)!!!!
today we must keep on working on it - I promise to show some pics from this whole process =).

In the mean time, kiln is getting cooler (yay!!) and the kids were having lots of fun playing in the sun around the house =)

Much love

Jul 23, 2010

Nursing cover (again!)

This one is also reversible,only this time it is for me =)
I adore this fabric - so so cute! I just need to watch myself not to over use it =)

Also, today we are having Forum meeting at my place! I can't wait to see the girls. On schedule we are going to make these lovelies out of polymer clay under the instructions of Idit Bitton. This should be great fun!

Much love

Jul 22, 2010

Jul 21, 2010

Giveaway winner and A Picnic mat =)

Don't ask me how, but we are just the best at losing our picnic mats....=p Every time we get a new one go to some event with it, or to the beach it seems like we are never able to *bring it back home...

This time instead of buying again a new one, I have decided to sew something that will be bright and will pop out - so we will not miss place it nor will someone say that this one is his =D

Blue lower fabric is super rough water proof type, to make cleaning super easy =)

I am pleased with it - next project it to make similar activity, but smaller softy one for new baby =)

Also, Mr. Random the great helper, chose a new winner for me:

And, and and and I want to Thank you all for participating my summer giveaway - it is always great fun, I LOVE BROWSING AND READING YOUR COMMENTS AND BLOGS THIS IS GREAT ! And, with the help of Mr. Random the winner is:
Congrats to the lovely Coralene from fawn and flower =)

Much love

Jul 20, 2010

My Flickr Faves of the week

I hope you are not fed up with my baby to come reorganization posts at my blog =D
It is just that I am getting so heavy, and every time I look around the house I want to fix it all at one point and, change it and move things around, and again...again...and again... =)
So, this time at my Flickr search I was typing the word Organized and wanted to get new ideas =D (I don't think Mr. Husband will like More changes now =D ) but, I am always up for new ideas =)

For more lovely mosaics go over to Artmind and Join the game!!!

Also, last day to enter my  summer giveaway =)) and have your chance to win a pair.

Much love

Jul 19, 2010

I just love making this bag =D

This one is made with lots of love to my future sister in law =)

Still got time to enter my  summer giveaway =)) and have your chance to win a pair.

Much love

Jul 18, 2010

Crocheted baby blanket =)

Finally something for my baby to come =). I crocheted baby blanket (just made out of huge granny square) with 100% cotton yarn, and Made little lacy look alike finish to it with thinner thread. But, I felt that it was not finished....after few days, I have decided to add Satin fabric to make it even more cozy and comfy for baby use. Sewing this fabric was very challenging, but I am glad I added it.

Don't forget to enter my  summer giveaway =)) and have your chance to win a pair.

Much love

Jul 17, 2010

Little clay making =)

I am so happy about this!! It has been so long since I was able to "play" with ceramics, now my husband was a great help to me and made it easier for me to deal with massive clay blocks and made some smaller blocks for me =) And now I am back to mud and dust playing =))
This is a little preview before kiln fire, New collection of tiny village houses.

Today we are going to have great lunch with the family and....new family members =) My brother is getting married and we are gathering both families for fun Saturday =) I am taking care of last dish, the desserts!!! It should be great fun.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend as well!!!

Don't forget to enter my  summer giveaway =)) and have your chance to win a pair.

Much love

Jul 16, 2010

And still going...

Summer vibes =)

Don't forget to enter my  summer giveaway =)) and have your chance to win a pair.

Much love

Jul 15, 2010

My Creative space : Rag Quilt - I did it!!!!!

I am soooo excited about this one!!! Ever since I can remember myself i wanted to quilt something =) So, I started with something on a low profile, just a frame for a summer blanket. And, when I saw this Hebrew tutorial, I knew I must try this Rug quilting, it looks soooooooooo pretty to me =). I was so thrilled about this project so I took lots of pics of making it (from my iPhone so sorry for bad quality)

After cutting, and just before first wash in the machine =)

Well, you can tell I love it hehe right? And after wash I have  one very happy little girl who huged it all night <3 too cute!

For more lovely spaces go over to Kootoyoo and join the play =)

Don't forget to enter my  summer giveaway =)) and have your chance to win a pair.

Much love

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