Jul 27, 2010

For the Granny squares lovers =)

What do ya' do when you are too "fat" to sit in front of your sewing machine? Back to CROCHET =)).
(I must admit I was crazy claying for my brother's wedding, but it is too wet to photo now - so I will leave that for later).
It was too hot these past days, and I decided to try something for my girl. I saw this really cute lace bolero on a nice lady and thought it would be great for my girl to have something like this on her dresses. But, since I was too lazy for pattern searching and instructions following, I have decided to make it out of 6 granny squares (and prayed it would work =D) and so it did!!!
This is great, because you can make it any size you'd like to, and you can have any lacy finish you'd want to as well as colors and design =)
So this is how it goes:

I made it with cotton threads because it is just too hot in here for anything else =)

crochet your square at the size you'd like to (the center one should cover 1/2 of the back at the center)

Make 6 squares of the same size.

Start attaching the squares together to create a rectangle, I attached it with SC because I wanted it to show, If you want to hide you can simply sew it together, or SC with the same color and use it as the wrong side of your bolero.

=)Attach them all like this.

Now, once you have your rectangle, you need to attach two squares together on their outer corner on both sides of the rectangle, I hope this image is showing it =)

once you're done with attaching the corner you have your "basic" bolero =), Now, it is up to you, which lacy finish you'd like to give it. I made a "shell" lace one.

Hope I was clear enough - it is not my strong side =D

Much love


  1. Very clever of you to make that on the fly. Looks great on her!

  2. It looks super & your little girl is obviously delightd with her new bolero! :)

  3. as someone who saw how quickly you finished it - i must say - you rock!!!
    it looks amazing on her and i love her posing to you (at last lol)

  4. FIrstly you are not fat you are beautifully pregnant.
    Secondly love the bolero! What a gorgeous idea. thanks for the intructions too- I found them very clear xo

  5. Your girlie is sooo lovely and her bolero too!

  6. Love it....Your cutie is adorable :)

  7. Oh my gosh, it´s awesome! Very nice and pretty work! I deeply (and secretly :P ) love pink, it´s such a lovely color :)

  8. Beautiful! And it just screams feminine, doesn't it? xx

  9. Very clever! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern - I linked to it this morning on my blog - http://www.mooglyblog.com/crochet-shrugs-for-girls-10-free-patterns/ :)


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