Jul 12, 2010

My mommy =)

My mommy has been such a great help for me lately. Actually she is there always when I need her. It happened only after I've got married that I have learned not to take her for granted and appreciate her being around and so supportive and helpful. Also, what's so great about my mommy is that she is super crafty and talented so we get to do lots of stuff together for the fun of it, not to mention supply shopping (which is my personal fave!). Anyway, when she said she liked the bags that I've made lately, i have decided to make her one as soon as possible, and so I did. This one is for her.

Much love


  1. That is such a gorgeous bag! I'm sure your Mum will be thrilled with it.

  2. very cute and thoughtful. i am sure she will adore it! xo m.

  3. it's totally gorgeous Ooty and your mum will love it.
    Mum's are the BEST aren't they? xo


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