Jul 9, 2010

Gift for a friend

As I told ya' on an earlier post, this is such a fun bag to make!!! My friend is getting married at the end of this months, and us girls threw little party for her =). One of the games we played was the "Gifted bride". Each one of us had to make something for her and she would to be guessing who made it and why.
So I had to had to had to make her of these bags, I knew she'd love it. I added colors that she likes =) and also made little monster decoration for her on the other side of keys ring holder =).

also added hard cover notebook, with pen to match =) I am very pleased to say she loved it all =)).

Much love


  1. I like it, the monster is funny, pleasant and bright colours

  2. Lovely gift! I bet your friend got lots of great stuff at the party! Great idea to present handmade gifts.

  3. Thanks, it was great fun eve to share with friends =)

  4. Looks great!!I am sure she will love it;)))


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