Jul 6, 2010

My Flickr faves of the week

To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act.

playing along with Artmind Flickr faves. Today's theme is pick your quote =). I know I have chosen rather simple and common quote, but I really can relate to it lately. Or should I say this is what's keeping me sane and going on lately. It comes to this that my biggest hopes and dreams are that my children will be able to grow worry less and Free of fear. That I could get my sleep without worry how will our next day will be, to know that ppl around appreciate the little things in life as well, and great great hope for true and honest peace that will allow us to keep living here.

If you want to play this week, pls give Artmind a visit, see great other mosaics and join!

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  1. Beautiful quote and very motivational! Love the first photo! I guess when you become a parent your true worries are about your children and their future and that can make you a better person. I am not a mother just an aunt but I see how that has affected me.
    Have a great day!

  2. OOh, I absolutely love the quote and the way you illustrated it! I especially love the flying picture. Perfection.
    This quote is something I have to grapple with and remember too. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. So true. It doesn't have to be a complicated phrase. Simple ones speak much easier to everyone.
    I think it is a perfect quote too... too much thinking, and no action doesn't work either...

  4. What a wise quote and so great pics make it feelable!

  5. Great quote!
    love the contrast between the pictures ;D they are so peaceful and dreamy!

  6. Oh love the simplicity of this and the mix of colour and lack and white very pretty!
    Tamar x

  7. Your quote is a well deserved lesson. Too often, dreaming without acting leads nowhere, while acting without dreaming means a pointless existence. This could surely become one of my favorite quotes, too!

  8. What a lovely quote to live by, Ooty!
    I love doing both: dreaming and doing but I think I should dream a bit more then do! ;)

  9. I've not heard this quote before Ooty, but love it. Very inspiring. All of the flickr favourites this week have been fab! Yours is no exception - I hope you're happy today and your dreams come true, L xox PS Thanks for you comment on my blog x

  10. This quote is new to me as well...thanks for chosing it & giving inspiration!


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