Jul 13, 2010

My Flickr faves of the week

Finally I have time for making things for my own baby to come =) Flickr fabrics groups were huge inspiration!!!

If you want to play this week, pls give Artmind a visit, see great other mosaics and join!

Also, I am having cute summer giveaway - give it a try =)

Much love


  1. That's super, Ooty! Hope you have some time left though - it feels like you have been pregnant forever now so I reckon the baby is due soon... LOL
    Have fun creating, sweet, enjoy preparing for your baby! :)
    Don't forget to add your link to Mr Linky - I saw your post in my reader.

  2. I am so not surprised that your Flickr faves are all to do with fabrics... :)
    You should totally focus on things for your baby from now till he/she arrives :)

  3. Hey, guess what? You won the giveaway pattern on my blog!! You could make it as a nappy bag, perhaps?

    Email me your postal address and we'll pop it in the post to you!

  4. aggggh So good Fabric love love love - colours are gorgeous
    Tamar x

  5. =) Thanks I am so excited about it =)

  6. enjoy this time to make al the things that you like !!

  7. I remember your stash of fabrics, bright and happy colors like the ones in your mosaic! I'm sure you'll make super cute things for your baby :)

  8. Beautiful mosaic!
    I can't wait to start making little knit things for my baby. Seems like I have no time for any of that right now!

    Hope you show off your sewn projects for you little one!

  9. Lovely fabrics - everything that you make is fabulous so I'm sure your little one will end up spoilt for choice!

  10. Your mosaic is really nice, I like the colors and the calm and optimism they inspire!


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