Jul 8, 2010

My Creative Space

Never ending cleaning, fixing, reorganizing....you name it =D
I must say that NESTING is very much around the house =). My father came over to give me a hand painting baby's room, fixing lots of stuff around the house, getting first grade to be room ready =) lots of new exciting things at ones.

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  1. It must be such an excitement to get all thing done for the arrival of the baby.....and how good to do a bit of new decoration for the baby room!
    Your belly looks great in that striped elastic dress! and the phrase os your flickr faves is very true, all the best is in the little things that sometimes we dont appreciate and how good would it be to have PEACE everywhere....
    I wish you a lovely weekend, is the baby coming soon??

  2. Ah, nesting. It's amazing how much you can get accomplished!

  3. Sounds about right, enjoy your nesting but get some rest too...

  4. Sounds like you're keeping busy! Exciting though about getting the baby's room ready, and your daughter's room ready for her first year of school :)

  5. i love a good reorganisation, make the most of the lovely nesting instinct and take

  6. Thanks I am keeping myself busy, trying to get it ALL done before due date =)

  7. busy busy busy! i dont know how people keep their spaces clean and tidy... its an impossible task in my opinion.

  8. it looks pretty good (considering LOL)
    i've missed playing in your studio....<3

  9. I am also in severe nesting mode. It's addictive. I get this crazy sparkle in my eye and won't let go of the dishcloth. I can be found emptying and refilling cupboards and dressers constantly. Looks good in your place! xo m.

  10. I love your little piles of fabrics, such bright and cheerful colors! Have a great weekend and get some rest, you deserve it after all that work ;)

  11. exciting changing times. enjoy

  12. ooh, I am in a reorganising mode too, though not nesting?
    When is the baby expected?

  13. Thanks, should be around the end of this month =)


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