Feb 28, 2011

Ceramic Sweets Giveaway

It is about time for my next giveaway to you my lovely readers <3.
Hope you like those sweets tiny ones =)

This giveaway includes: 
One Tiny Ghosty

One Tinh Ghosty Brooch

One Cloud Brooch

To enter this giveaway:
1) You Must be a blog follower.
2)Enter my Shop and tell me your fav item.
3) for additional entry, tell me what you do to cheer yourself when you are all alone. (I'd love to hear this!!)

Giveaway winner will be picked through Random.org next Monday March 7,2011.

Much love


Feb 27, 2011

light dress

sorry for pic quality

I am glad that somehow, I do manage to follow my new year resolution 'sewing for me'!! This time I wanted to make something light to wear. I wanted it to be comfortable while I am running after the girls, and also nice to be wearing outside of the house. I made this one 2 sizes larger than one of my dresses (that I drafted the pattern from) since I wanted it to be loose fit. 
sorry again he he

I hope my next ones will be much better, and that finally I will get nice photos and not some from my sister's Nokia hehe. From fabric lefties I made this top for my girl as you've seen here before.

Much love

Feb 26, 2011

White fabrics love

When ever I see whites in fabrics shops I can't help it and buy it. It is only rarely that I actually make something out of it. Finally last week I have decided to make another one of this cute dress to baby Alona. 

I love the results, BUT, I must say this fabric gave me hell. It is rough and thick which made it so hard to work with. But - it is such a pretty one isn't it?
he he eventually I've manage to get it done, and I think that even my tiny one is pleased =D.

Much love

Feb 25, 2011

New Tiny ones

Cute Tiny Ghosts pair

Cute Tiny Ghosts pair

Things are so (soooooooooooo) very busy around here, starting flew and ending with my great friends wedding. All things are here at the same time...=p
Among all of that I do try my best to keep my studio busy as well, I feel that this is charging my battery and keeps me going on and functioning with the girls around the house.

lovely hearted tiny ceramic cloud brooch

So I was finally able to list some cutes to the Shop. I still have more Tiny Ghosties brooches to upload but it just takes too much time, so it will be slowly added =).

lovely tiny Ghosty ceramic brooch

Hope you all are having great plans for your weekend
Much love

Feb 19, 2011

Me and My Mom Natural Tunic Dress Set

I was happy to test this pattern for lovely Karen from DMK. My girl was so excited that both of us are going to have the same tunic he he =D.

Even tiny one was (half) friendly while trying to get some pics done =).

I love the way this fabric's feel! So light and caressing =D. Take a close look at it:

Pattern from DMK.
Fabric is 100% Indian cotton.
Much love

Feb 18, 2011

Reversible Tunic Dress

I cut fabrics for this dress ages ago (well not really ages, but far enough for me =)) and the pieces were waiting forever for me to gather them all up. Finally, last weekend I had the chance to do so.

I absolutely love this yellow tulip fabric!


Fabrics all 100% cotton from local fabric shop.

Much love

Feb 17, 2011

Little Jersey Knit Top

After making a dress for myself, I saw that left over piece looked like a little top. I've decided to give it a try, without at pattern, just trimmed nicely edges, and hemmed the bottom. I loved the result, and added some bow from scraps and tiny buttons.

She LOVES it (yay!!!)

Pattern - no pattern used.
Fabrics is Jersey knit (Med. weight).

Much love

Feb 16, 2011

Wedding Pillow

I made this with lots of love to my Darling Friend who is getting married next week. 

I am so happy for her, and so very excited about this wedding =) It is going to be great fun!

Much love

Feb 15, 2011


I WAS PLAYING ALONG AT NOODLEBUBBLE'S BLOG heart swap =). It was great fun to make some ceramics for a change. 
Here is some of what I gave away (I did not take photos of it all):
lacy ceramic plate with tiny green heart <3

ceramic magnets <3

ceramic heart brooch <3

lacy ceramics heart earrings <3



Feb 12, 2011

Baby corduroy dress

The minute I saw this post on prudentbaby I went to print the pattern and cut the corduroy fabric for it. I thought it was too cute and easy to pass on it. I had to wait few days until baby Alona allowed me  the spare time to sew it together, but as I said it was very quick one!

I love the way it fits, I might make some more with different variations and fabrics.

I used a snap on tiny button instead of sewing one, I like it better for babies =).

I have so many things to share, the only problem is that I am having such hard time getting the photos done! The little miss plays it DIVA and she won't cope as I wish and I am so tired lately to negotiate things so i am just waiting for her to be willing to do so...and, as for myself, my husband is getting back so late from work when it is all dark outside, and on weekend we have so much going on, so I am hoping that sometime this week I will somehow manage to get it done =p.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend
much love

Feb 6, 2011

Pineapple top

I recommend to any crochet lover to give this pattern a try! This was quick and fun one. I just wish I did not look so fat in it he he. If I'll lose some weight and somehow I'll look sweet in it I promise to share =)

Much love

Feb 5, 2011

Tiny little Dress

Finally I had the time to make some clothing for my baby Alona =). I made her tiny dress out of Heidi and Finn's Girly Little blouse, made tiny changes to adjust it to a smaller size.

I loved this fabric, the moment I saw it, I knew I will make something for her out of it. I really wanted to photo her wearing it, but it is much cooler than the usual the past week and so does the next - so I am passing this little "photo session" for now he he

Hope you are having nice warm weekend!

Much love

Feb 4, 2011

Oh yes, I made another one =D

This time it was for cutie 4 yrs old beautiful kiddo. 

I was hoping (crossing my fingers) that he and his Mama will love it, and gladly I saw a very happy pic of him wearing it =). I must say giving handmade gifts are not always welcome by all people, some do like to have the ability to replace/change it.. So, whenever I see the appreciation and that they are actually happy about it - it just makes my day =)

DMK unisex hoodie coat Pattern.
Fleece fabric is IKEA blanket.
cotton fabric from local designer shop.

Have a great weekend

Much love

Feb 3, 2011

Remember this?

it turn out to this:

cute ruffled little skirt =) No adjustments were needed at all. She just tried it on, and it was perfect (sorry for the yucky photo=P this is all I have now =)).

Much love
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