Feb 12, 2011

Baby corduroy dress

The minute I saw this post on prudentbaby I went to print the pattern and cut the corduroy fabric for it. I thought it was too cute and easy to pass on it. I had to wait few days until baby Alona allowed me  the spare time to sew it together, but as I said it was very quick one!

I love the way it fits, I might make some more with different variations and fabrics.

I used a snap on tiny button instead of sewing one, I like it better for babies =).

I have so many things to share, the only problem is that I am having such hard time getting the photos done! The little miss plays it DIVA and she won't cope as I wish and I am so tired lately to negotiate things so i am just waiting for her to be willing to do so...and, as for myself, my husband is getting back so late from work when it is all dark outside, and on weekend we have so much going on, so I am hoping that sometime this week I will somehow manage to get it done =p.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend
much love


  1. i'm melting here...Alona is so adorable and such a beauty (she steals the attention from the dress lol)
    but seriously-the dress looks amazing (both the fabric and pattern

  2. cuteness!
    it's sounding pretty busy at yours {i guess that's how life is!}. hope you get some time soon.

  3. What a sweetheart! Love the dress! You sew up a storm, Ooty! :)


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