Feb 26, 2011

White fabrics love

When ever I see whites in fabrics shops I can't help it and buy it. It is only rarely that I actually make something out of it. Finally last week I have decided to make another one of this cute dress to baby Alona. 

I love the results, BUT, I must say this fabric gave me hell. It is rough and thick which made it so hard to work with. But - it is such a pretty one isn't it?
he he eventually I've manage to get it done, and I think that even my tiny one is pleased =D.

Much love


  1. The dress is lovely and your baby gorgeous!

  2. straight to a magazine cover-the dress and the tiny model....looks like she's getting ysed to posing for you....lol

  3. She does look like she's posing.
    I love the white. She looks divine.

  4. It is impossible to go past without commenting on how beautiful your little girl is! But I am also unable to go past without mentioning how beautiful the dress is! It is like a little dress that would be worn in storybook from times past. Just gorgeous!


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