Feb 27, 2011

light dress

sorry for pic quality

I am glad that somehow, I do manage to follow my new year resolution 'sewing for me'!! This time I wanted to make something light to wear. I wanted it to be comfortable while I am running after the girls, and also nice to be wearing outside of the house. I made this one 2 sizes larger than one of my dresses (that I drafted the pattern from) since I wanted it to be loose fit. 
sorry again he he

I hope my next ones will be much better, and that finally I will get nice photos and not some from my sister's Nokia hehe. From fabric lefties I made this top for my girl as you've seen here before.

Much love


  1. It looks super comfy, Ooty! Well done in thinking about yourself now! :)

  2. What a hottie! That dress is fab, and looks great on you!


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