May 16, 2009


Just take a note,
Very important one!!! When you go on an international flight, always make sure you flight directly with no (I repeat NO) stops on the way it is such a hassle!!!
But, eventually we made it, and now we are at the very far away land of Australia =0)
Much love

May 14, 2009

Ooh heaven is a place on earth

And I think it comes as the Venetian Hotel and Park in Macau =0)
Oh my, what can I say.. we were there for 2 nights and it was unbelievable!! I didn’t expect any of this at all, so it was more than a great positive surprise for me.
(On the Fairy from Hong Kong to Macau)
The room was magical and highly comfortable, we went to a very unique kind of a show, and also had a lovely surprise by the angel Yael Yaniv who booked us to a “Gondolla ride” there. It was soooooooo wonderful!!! The team there has such a great spirit and also they made us a little surprise and sang “Hava Nagila” for us =D
My little one was so pleased. She said that there is no need to move forward to another destination, she wants to stay at the venetian =D (she was saying that too when we were at the Disney lol).
I didn’t get to walk through all the shopping area, it is just too huge!!!
So, to make things short… we loved it!!!
Miss you
And much love
(I apologize for not commenting I have very limited onlune time and usually it is for booking new flights and hotels, I promise to get to mails and replies when I’ll get to it!!)
(my little one near the main bed)
(hmmm love it, it all looks so very real!!)
(yay godolla ride)

May 10, 2009

In Hong Kong


Wow! What can I say! Hong Kong is such a fab!!!
Fancy walking around the city streets, shopping is everywhere and we are having the greatest time =0)
I don’t know from where to start or what to focus on!!!! So I guess that will happen after my head get straight lol.
We are in here, it is such a cool funky hotel!!!


We also went to the Hong-Kong Disneyland which was a great experience with my little one she was overwhelmed with joy =0) which is worth it all!!!!
Today we went to see the pandas bears…oohhhhhhhh they are the cutest ever!!!! I didn’t get to take good pic of them =0)
Anyway, we are having fun! Tomorrow we are going to Macau for 2 night at the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel – this is to spoil ourselves before we are heading to the very far far away land of Australia =0)

Much love

May 5, 2009


Tomorrow we are taking off, I have way too many things on my head right now that I have to take care of…
So I am running back to my packing, just wanted to show you my little whishing spring well.



It is made out of white earthenware clay and melted glasses on top.
So whenever I will think of a nice little wish I can have my own little spring well =0) ( you think it counts?? =D)
Take care
Much love

May 4, 2009



I made this for my upcoming group show, but after couple of time it got broken by accident I gave up and made a new small one at my own time. So this one will not be a part of the show.
Anyway, As the days go by we are getting ready for our very long getaway =0)
I am getting little excited about it – which is not that normal for me … maybe it is because all of my loved one are making a big deal out of this that I am not going to be around for three months, they are so cute all of them. It is great comfort to know that those you love , loves you so much back =0).
I have not start packing yet ( I hate packing) I will have to start it tomorrow..
Much love

May 3, 2009

Ikea saves =D


Sometimes Ikea cheapest items are the nicest and greatest solution for my messy (very messy) studio!!
I usually recycle baby’s food cans, but this time I needed the cup on, and had no babies around (to steal cans from =D) or time to deal with it. So, luckily short visit to Ikea was a great solution for what I need.
Beside that little happy event, I am still “fighting” against my laundry mountains around the house I have this craziness to finish it all before we take off (because I know I’ll have many more when we’ll return =D)
Starting today, we are meeting our friends and families to say our goodbyes before we are heading to our no worries planet =0) it is not easy for me saying goodbyes but I know that they know that we really needs this time off, and I also know that times fly by so fast, and sooner than they think we’ll be back =0)

Much love

May 2, 2009

Weekendddddd =0)

Weekend is finally here!! I hope I’ll be able to get more things done than the past few days.
We have so many ends to close up before we take off and, way too much of a bureaucracy which is super annoying!!
Tomorrow I will probably turn on my last kiln (Luster fire such as gold and mother of pearl),the only thing that I think will be hard for me from being away is not being able to get dirty and play in my studio. But, as I know myself I know I will get into someone’s studio somewhere in the world =0).
Anyway, here are some more little village creatures:


They are such fun to make and the kids looooooooooove ‘em!!
So, have a great weekend!

Much love

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