May 3, 2009

Ikea saves =D


Sometimes Ikea cheapest items are the nicest and greatest solution for my messy (very messy) studio!!
I usually recycle baby’s food cans, but this time I needed the cup on, and had no babies around (to steal cans from =D) or time to deal with it. So, luckily short visit to Ikea was a great solution for what I need.
Beside that little happy event, I am still “fighting” against my laundry mountains around the house I have this craziness to finish it all before we take off (because I know I’ll have many more when we’ll return =D)
Starting today, we are meeting our friends and families to say our goodbyes before we are heading to our no worries planet =0) it is not easy for me saying goodbyes but I know that they know that we really needs this time off, and I also know that times fly by so fast, and sooner than they think we’ll be back =0)

Much love

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  1. i'm counting on time flying by quickly!!! and thank god for laptops LOL


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