May 4, 2009



I made this for my upcoming group show, but after couple of time it got broken by accident I gave up and made a new small one at my own time. So this one will not be a part of the show.
Anyway, As the days go by we are getting ready for our very long getaway =0)
I am getting little excited about it – which is not that normal for me … maybe it is because all of my loved one are making a big deal out of this that I am not going to be around for three months, they are so cute all of them. It is great comfort to know that those you love , loves you so much back =0).
I have not start packing yet ( I hate packing) I will have to start it tomorrow..
Much love

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  1. YOU SHOULD CALL THIS THE WISHING Well: and mine will be that you enjoy yourselves, keep safe and come back with a big big smile....


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