May 10, 2009

In Hong Kong


Wow! What can I say! Hong Kong is such a fab!!!
Fancy walking around the city streets, shopping is everywhere and we are having the greatest time =0)
I don’t know from where to start or what to focus on!!!! So I guess that will happen after my head get straight lol.
We are in here, it is such a cool funky hotel!!!


We also went to the Hong-Kong Disneyland which was a great experience with my little one she was overwhelmed with joy =0) which is worth it all!!!!
Today we went to see the pandas bears…oohhhhhhhh they are the cutest ever!!!! I didn’t get to take good pic of them =0)
Anyway, we are having fun! Tomorrow we are going to Macau for 2 night at the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel – this is to spoil ourselves before we are heading to the very far far away land of Australia =0)

Much love


  1. darling - you look well rested and the city looks amazing
    i saw the hotel friday night when you e-mailed me - it's right up your alley....
    send my love to ran and gili and take care

  2. Hello dear, it is sooooo good to see all of you happy,and especially Gili,knowing you have good time!!!
    Hong-Kong is a BIG shopping paradise but take care on Natan st.
    Enjoy your time at Macau,and have an easy flight to Aust'

  3. Yooooooooooooooo What a great idea to keep us posted with your blog!!!! We want to see many pics!!!

    Hugs and kisses !!!

  4. Oh, I do love HK! :) Looking forward to more photos, etc !

  5. lovely photos and so thoughtful of you to keep us posted. Your holiday looks awesome.

  6. Ohhh so cool that you takes us along on your journey! Looks great! :)


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