Mar 30, 2009

Oops when open the kiln....=D

Why don’t I ever read the label???
I had a bittersweet surprise when I finally had the time to open the kiln last night…..
Green porcelain turns into beautiful antique Blue =D
Oh well, Most of what I made does not fit the blue color, but, I manages to save some and make some sweet “vintage look” earrings.

Now I know, I must read the label on my clays before use =p
Much love

Mar 26, 2009

The smell of freedom =0)

I have been crazyyyyyyyyyyyy busy lately, gladly I can say most of it was good stuff =0)
Hopefully it is the end of our hard time and soon enough we will be on our vacation!!! (yay!!!!!) we are thinking of going to China, Thailand and the Maldives =0) this should be a great make up for all hard times for sure:0).
Anyway, as for my studio, I am crazy making earrings allllllll day long
Here are some before kiln fire:


Now I have inside my kiln new earrings with new green porcelain that I just bought (can’t wait to see the results!!!!)
Tomorrow we are taking a flight to the southest sunniest city in Israel for a wedding and a family short vacation weekend, this should be great fun.
So until Sunday when I’ll be back, stay safe!
Much love

Mar 16, 2009

Yay =0) Kreative Blogger award

I must say I just loooooooooove blogging ! it I great to see to all the great people around here and such a wonderful favor among reader and creators =0).
I was given the Kreative Blogger award from the very talented Pease Porridge from HOT TAMALE ART STUDIO . YOU MUST ENTER her blog !!! The art work is beautiful and very addictive I promise you will enjoy it!!!!!! (She also has EBAY shop =0) check it out)
I have to list the 7 things I love and then 7 other people who I think deserve this award
(I am going to try to write here things that I love and are not the obvious and I have not written here before =0)):
1. I love living!!!
2. I love motorcycles!!! Especially when they are flying in the air in the extreme shows I can watch it over and over and over and can’t get enough of it =0).
3. I love the wind. Whenever I feel bad, weird or sad, the wind over my face brings me some fresh sense of hope.
4. I love talking to older and senior people. I feel like walking through history when I ask them my questions and they share.
5. I love day dreaming. I wish it was a profession I would be the best employee I bet!
6. I love to think of the world as a better place, I imagine it all to as many details as I can, this way it feels as if I almost fixed it myself =0).
7. I love being inside water, bath ,shower, ocean, swimming pool, puddle you name it.
And now, here are seven very creative people in no particular order .
4) oh, hello friend art and design by danni hong

Mar 14, 2009

Two Blog Awards =0)

Two Blog Awards
This got me so happy =0)!!!!!
Some of you, who knows me in person, knows that I am having some hard time fighting the evil forces lately =p…(with great hope this will soon be over with!!!) so, I had a sweet blog award surprise by the lovely Aunt Pitty Pat's (I am so glad I found her blog you should give her a visit if you haven’t she is very talented sweet giving and fun person!!!
So, now, I need to list five of my addictions and then pass the awards on to five more bloggers.
1) Mud!! (ceramics, porcelain and all the making lots of mess and dirt type of clays =0)).
2) pets!!! There is never enough of ‘em =0).
3) Shoes (I love love loooooooooooove feeding this obsession!!)
4)internet (= oxygen).
5) sleeping!!!!!
Thank you Aunt Pitty Pat's I think your blog is a fabulous one!!!
Much love

Mar 8, 2009

Little Village

Purim is here!!!! Such a great fun!!! The best and happiest holiday ever =0)
Children looooooooooooooooooove it and so do I !!!!!!!
My little one went to kinder-garden today as a sweet little flamenco dancer (too cute!!!!!)
I am sure that all this week we are going to change and wash way too many costumes =0)
I finally got some pics of the little village I made for my sweetie =0)





Still working on it =0)

Much love

Thank you for being in my life =0)


Thursday we had a great time!!!!!
5 of the arts and craft club friends came over to my place and together we made handmade cards.





The cards were addition to the gifts we made earlier each one at her own place. All of the gift are to hand out to the medical teams at the hospitals around Israel.


We had a great time – being together and making the cards!!
I also got some gifts from them!!!
Great earrings set from Gailay
Butterflies magnets from Sima

Sweet office accessories cube from Yael Yaniv


And key holder from Batya Sympathy =0)
Today we went up to the northern part of Israel to visit the hospital at Nahariya. Over there we gave our cards with the sweet gift to the doctors and nurses over there. It was such a great honor to be able to be on the giving side and say this big THANKS to all of them who are doing great and hard job day to day.
Here is some of the gifts we've made:





And here is us with some of the Dr.'s and Nurses =0)



So it was a very busy weekend but I am great full to have it!!!
Tomorrow is Purim Holiday =0) great fun!!!!!! My little one is going to be the cutest flamenco dancer =0).

Much love

Mar 2, 2009

Monday is just Monday

It has been a very strange week. I know I am going through lots of things I’d rather not know at all – but I guess I need to see to the side of it all and that is I am a fast learner and I am growing and getting stronger every day. Art , music and creating are such a great comfort in my life I AM so great full to have it within me.
Our mouse lady gave birth today – the little ones looks so cute but she is so very protective of them and we have not yet seen how many of them she had =0)


My daughter little village progress is getting forward!! Many more little creatures are out of the kiln and I ‘ll have their pics taken later on.
Take care people, stay good in your heart no matter what
Much love

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