Mar 16, 2009

Yay =0) Kreative Blogger award

I must say I just loooooooooove blogging ! it I great to see to all the great people around here and such a wonderful favor among reader and creators =0).
I was given the Kreative Blogger award from the very talented Pease Porridge from HOT TAMALE ART STUDIO . YOU MUST ENTER her blog !!! The art work is beautiful and very addictive I promise you will enjoy it!!!!!! (She also has EBAY shop =0) check it out)
I have to list the 7 things I love and then 7 other people who I think deserve this award
(I am going to try to write here things that I love and are not the obvious and I have not written here before =0)):
1. I love living!!!
2. I love motorcycles!!! Especially when they are flying in the air in the extreme shows I can watch it over and over and over and can’t get enough of it =0).
3. I love the wind. Whenever I feel bad, weird or sad, the wind over my face brings me some fresh sense of hope.
4. I love talking to older and senior people. I feel like walking through history when I ask them my questions and they share.
5. I love day dreaming. I wish it was a profession I would be the best employee I bet!
6. I love to think of the world as a better place, I imagine it all to as many details as I can, this way it feels as if I almost fixed it myself =0).
7. I love being inside water, bath ,shower, ocean, swimming pool, puddle you name it.
And now, here are seven very creative people in no particular order .
4) oh, hello friend art and design by danni hong


  1. Hey Ooty, I have received this award before and you can read all about it here:

  2. How nice, congrats!!

    And thank you for listing my blog :o)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Awesome! Thank you! It's much appreciated.

  5. Thanks Ooty! You are very kind. I will have to take my son to one of those motorcycle shows some time. I bet it is amazing to see. We have only been to a monster truck show once. I am sure not the same.

  6. Yay! Thanks so much Ooty!

  7. Bonjour Ooty! Thanks so much for giving me the Kreative Blog Award. I will blog about it later this weekend and link to your blog. Thanks again for the honnors! Have a Happy weekend! LuLu

  8. Hey - good for you!!! congrats!!!


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