Mar 14, 2009

Two Blog Awards =0)

Two Blog Awards
This got me so happy =0)!!!!!
Some of you, who knows me in person, knows that I am having some hard time fighting the evil forces lately =p…(with great hope this will soon be over with!!!) so, I had a sweet blog award surprise by the lovely Aunt Pitty Pat's (I am so glad I found her blog you should give her a visit if you haven’t she is very talented sweet giving and fun person!!!
So, now, I need to list five of my addictions and then pass the awards on to five more bloggers.
1) Mud!! (ceramics, porcelain and all the making lots of mess and dirt type of clays =0)).
2) pets!!! There is never enough of ‘em =0).
3) Shoes (I love love loooooooooooove feeding this obsession!!)
4)internet (= oxygen).
5) sleeping!!!!!
Thank you Aunt Pitty Pat's I think your blog is a fabulous one!!!
Much love


  1. my darling - we shall overcome!!!!
    good times, correction - better times are ahead - believe in this.
    so glad it made you happy - you surely deserve it and much much more.
    sending you a big hug and keeping my fingers crossed.
    all my love

  2. Ooty my darling- you'll know better days!!! soon!!!
    Hugs and kisses from me also xoxo :)

  3. I am honoured and so happy that you think I deserve an award. Thank you so much. I wish you the best for what ever seems to be clouding your days. Take good care. Melanie

  4. Thank you!! I will post soon. Hope you are having a great weekend!


  5. Aww, sweet to hand this award to me! I received the exact same one some time ago. ;) Thank you, Ooty! :)


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