Mar 2, 2009

Monday is just Monday

It has been a very strange week. I know I am going through lots of things I’d rather not know at all – but I guess I need to see to the side of it all and that is I am a fast learner and I am growing and getting stronger every day. Art , music and creating are such a great comfort in my life I AM so great full to have it within me.
Our mouse lady gave birth today – the little ones looks so cute but she is so very protective of them and we have not yet seen how many of them she had =0)


My daughter little village progress is getting forward!! Many more little creatures are out of the kiln and I ‘ll have their pics taken later on.
Take care people, stay good in your heart no matter what
Much love



  1. Congratulations on becoming a Mouse Grandma! I love your little tear drop pieces. They look beautiful. You are so clever and talented.

  2. Those are adorable! Are there more?

  3. What wonderful little clay tear drops. I just love your creations.. I need to visit you more often to see what you are up too :) As always thank you for visiting and posting :)


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