Jul 10, 2010

One To do list is DONE!!!!

That's it! My "TO DO list" for end of school year gifting is is DONE!!! This one is the last to be gifted. (You can tell I REALLY like this pattern!!!) we looooooooove this teacher so so much, she is really one of a kind. It is so sad to say goodbye now, but also very very exciting to get ready for first grade!!! =)

Today we are going to hang out at a friends house at their swimming pool, should be refreshing break from this crazy heat =)
Hope you are having nice weekend as well!!

Much love


  1. לא נמאס לך לשמוע כמה אני גאה בך, נכון?
    לא לשווא אמרתי לך שמהיום תקראי "טורבו עותי" - לקחת פרוייקטים ותחום ופשוט שיחקת אותה ובגדול
    עכשיו רשימת הבייבי מחכה, לא?
    מקווה שאתם מבלים ושומרים על עצמכם (-:


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