Jul 11, 2010

Nursing cover

Trrrrrrrrrr terrrrrrrrrr trrrrrrrrrr this is the "soundtrack" of how I am passing my days in front of my sewing machine =D. The bigger I get the harder I push myself to finish ALL of my TO DO lists =).

{can you see my label? =D}

But, in between I like to make some things for my friends just because I love them. I made cute Nursing cover for my friend, when I saw this fabric I knew I have to have it =D (in several colors =)) And now I am glad I found a nice use to it =). For great Nursing cover tutorial, please give a visit to the lovely Prudent baby.

Much love


  1. it is beautiful-the fabric's cute
    and i love you tags (-:

  2. Oh Ooty, that is soooooo beautiful! I love the fabric you've chosen, and yes, I can see your label :) Cool!!
    Seriously, you need to make these in masses and sell them!!

  3. I have the exact same fabric. I've used it for a few kiddie things. Love it! The nursing cover looks wonderful- a very thoughtful present. xo m.

  4. Lovely. just Lovely.
    makes me want to commission one of them.

  5. Thanks for all your lovely warm comments

  6. I joined the blog and went to check out the nursing cover because we have granddaughters 4 and 5 due in Oct. and November. But I still don't understand the short and long strap bit--I guess I'll have to go find one. Back "when", women used shawls, ponchos, or even a baby blanket--all of them worked. Leslie


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