Jul 21, 2010

Giveaway winner and A Picnic mat =)

Don't ask me how, but we are just the best at losing our picnic mats....=p Every time we get a new one go to some event with it, or to the beach it seems like we are never able to *bring it back home...

This time instead of buying again a new one, I have decided to sew something that will be bright and will pop out - so we will not miss place it nor will someone say that this one is his =D

Blue lower fabric is super rough water proof type, to make cleaning super easy =)

I am pleased with it - next project it to make similar activity, but smaller softy one for new baby =)

Also, Mr. Random the great helper, chose a new winner for me:

And, and and and I want to Thank you all for participating my summer giveaway - it is always great fun, I LOVE BROWSING AND READING YOUR COMMENTS AND BLOGS THIS IS GREAT ! And, with the help of Mr. Random the winner is:
Congrats to the lovely Coralene from fawn and flower =)

Much love


  1. congrats to the lucky winner

    and the new mat is super nice - i'm sure this one will last (and won't ever be forgotten)

    thanks for yesterday <3

  2. Yay for the winner! Love the colourful stripes, beautiful xo

  3. Oh, that mat is so wonderful! It's adorable!

  4. wow, i love your mat. indeed one of a kind to call your own. congrats for the winner!


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