Jul 25, 2010

busy weekend =)

I am still here, heavier than ever... things around the house seems so hard to do and difficult to get on with at that size =P
I  was not able to do as much as I would like to, but I do hope for the best and that I am super close to the end now ( I wishhhhhhhhhhh)
This weekend was very busy, but I managed to enjoy it a lot =)
Friday, I have started making my brother's wedding gifts for the guests. He is going to have lots of 'em. I need to make around 450 pieces (1 for each family / couple).
My mother came over with my friends and we all played together with clay and started to work on it. It was fun and exciting and of course little emotional making it. My little brother is getting married this is huge =)!!!!
today we must keep on working on it - I promise to show some pics from this whole process =).

In the mean time, kiln is getting cooler (yay!!) and the kids were having lots of fun playing in the sun around the house =)

Much love


  1. Look at your adorable children!! It's so lovely to see some sunshiney photo's. Hang in there Ooty, you are almost there! Best wishes, thinking of you xo

  2. That looks like fun (the water stuff...)
    I do hope the end of your pregnancy is just around the corner! Congrats on your brothers upcoming wedding, that IS exciting :)
    Have a great week!

  3. Your kids look like they are having a ball! I hope you joined in! That sliding thing look the total bizz.
    Exciting news about your brother, sounds like a busy but lovely weekend. xo

  4. F-u-n in the sun there's nothing like it.
    we must meet this week.


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