Jul 17, 2010

Little clay making =)

I am so happy about this!! It has been so long since I was able to "play" with ceramics, now my husband was a great help to me and made it easier for me to deal with massive clay blocks and made some smaller blocks for me =) And now I am back to mud and dust playing =))
This is a little preview before kiln fire, New collection of tiny village houses.

Today we are going to have great lunch with the family and....new family members =) My brother is getting married and we are gathering both families for fun Saturday =) I am taking care of last dish, the desserts!!! It should be great fun.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend as well!!!

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Much love


  1. OOOO I love your little houses! I wonder who lives in them.
    I love mucking around with clay too, but I'm not good at it like you xo

  2. these are so cute-i think everyone missed them...
    can't wait to play the clay wit you..soon

    have fun today - knowingyour faily - it's going to be lots of laughs and your dessert will surely be yummy

  3. What great little pieces! Glad to hear you're getting to do some stuff for you!


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