Jul 23, 2010

Nursing cover (again!)

This one is also reversible,only this time it is for me =)
I adore this fabric - so so cute! I just need to watch myself not to over use it =)

Also, today we are having Forum meeting at my place! I can't wait to see the girls. On schedule we are going to make these lovelies out of polymer clay under the instructions of Idit Bitton. This should be great fun!

Much love


  1. Its adorable, so glad you are starting to take care of you for a change.

  2. Its totally gorgeous Ooty. Love the two sides. xo

  3. Oh I love the two fabrics! No wonder you're keeping this one for yourself! If I ever need a nursing cover, I am coming to you ;)
    Shabbat Shalom

  4. I love it too! I can't decide which of the two sides I like better. How exciting that you can make these gorgeous baby things for yourself too.

  5. That turned out fabulous. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric!!

    Have fun with the girls. =D


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