Jul 5, 2010

like mother like daughter

Two weeks ago, my friend gave me some of her unwanted elastic fabrics yards. I was looking at it forever, and didn't know what to do with it, and was bit worried about sewing elastics as well =).
Anyway, my growing belly, caused a change! Since nothing is comfortable anymore, and I find my self in this heat going only with strapless dresses, I have decided to go ahead and try to make one for myself {BIG CHALLENGE FOR ME =D}.
Ans so I did. But, I am a lazy one, so I just made a "tube" left some space for my coming weeks to grow :) made a belt and that's it =) Comfy and me happy =).
With the lefties, I made my mini the same dress.

I don't have normal photo of me in this dress, Husband was not cooperating  this weekend =P

Much love


  1. You look both beautiful in your matching dresses! And the photo is great!

  2. You look beautiful)))))
    photo is good

  3. OMG you both look gorgeous in the same outfit!!!
    another challenge conquered -well done!!!!

  4. awww... you bith look so cute together - the dresses are fab! and the pic is gorgeous :)

    linda :)

  5. You are glowing!! I love that dress- wish I had a longsleeve version for the weather and my big tummy right now. xo m.

  6. What a beautiful photo, and dress too! you are very pretty Miss Ooty xo

  7. Aw, what a great picture of the two of you. You look great!

  8. gorgoues girls! love it....

  9. You girls look so pretty and cute together, and those dresses are awesome for our summer :)

  10. WOW I am here for the first time :)thanks to yael.
    Your picture with your girl are amazing :)


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