Aug 26, 2009

Can't Sleep? =0)

It is late at night I am very tired but can’t sleep (for no reason!).

Thank god for IGOOGLE which mine includes the Google reader.This is what I do when I can't go to sleep. So I am having great blogs reading night in my bed =D.

While I was going over all these fabulous blogs, I saw this sweet surprise by Sarah the giveaway winner.


So I thank you Sarah and so glad you like them and will wear it on =0).

What are you doing when you just can't sleep?

Much love




  1. When I cant sleep I play spider solitaire on my laptop on hard setting so my brain has to work so hard it cant help but sleep. I also have my nintendo DS by my bed too which has puzzle games I play to wear my brain out.

  2. lol oh my Melanie I thought I was the only one with the DS lol!!! I recently got the new one dsi , and it is a ritual before I go to bed (that if I do remember to charge the battery!)!!


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