Aug 6, 2009

Fish Spa

In between cleaning my studio and melting myself to pain (well not really , but I just wants you to know how horribly hot it is here now {lol}), I fantasize about a nice spa, no worries and pure taking care of myself. As I thought of spoiling myself, I remembered our little experience at Koh-Samui island.
We went to the FISH SPA, which was an unusual spa for us. At first, we went there just for the laugh of it, because I could not believe these tiny little creatures can really do something to me. At first it was pretty much disgusting site to see, but after few seconds, when you get use to the tickles, it was great fun =D + a great laugh!!!
Oh, and guess what, it is really working, when you get out your feet feels and looks as if you were just got your pedicure done =D.
Here is little one first to try.
Monster fishy feet.
Much love


  1. saw it on "the amazing race" - and couldn't believe you feel them really biting your skin? lol

  2. I know this is considered fun and useful, but still the pics look scary..


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