Feb 5, 2009


This is such a busy and short month!!
We have the Tu Bishvat holiday,
I am flying to Prague to attend ‘The ceramic studio in Prague’ class (Yay!!!),
There is the ‘Family day’ , my Mother and Mother is law birthdays, and great Forum meeting about ‘colors’ - - - so there’s a lot to do in such a short time!!!!
And as you know the clay (ceramic) has its own ways in many matters,

This piece was suppose to be for my “light” forum meeting but it took its time and ready only now =P
So I have already started working on our “colors” forum meeting for the end of this month – so clay won’t rule my time =0)

Much love


  1. I love all of your ceramic stuff. You have such a busy month. I am tired just reading about it hehe.

  2. That workshop in Prague sounds so inspiring and fun! I haven't taken a workshop (or a holiday) in about three years. You got me thinking, so thanks!


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