Feb 10, 2009

Getting ready!

Finally some time off life =0)
I am Taking a flight to Prague tonight and will be there until Sunday morning =0)
The perfect spot on earth for valentine’s day and must not forget shopping!!!!
I will be attending the ceramic studio over there - they are great people that are always willing to teach and share as much as the can. (highly recommended if you are happened to come around)
Sadly we still haven’t found our little Pekingese puppy =0
( someone stole her Saturday morning from our property (how cruel!!) I put out some fliers and pics of her hoping that there are some good people around that will report/bring her back to us…
And, also, Today is an election day here, so we are just about to get ready to go voting. Let’s hope it will be good!
Getting ready for snowy Prague,
Much love


  1. Have a fantastic time and I look forward to hearing about your adventure when you return. Safe Journey to you. Cheers!

  2. I hope you have a lovely time in Prague and that your dog turns up soon.

    I FINALLY posted a response to your "tag" so feel free to stop by and take a peek.

    safe travels!

  3. Oh my! I am so sad to hear about your puppy... :( I hope you at least have fun in Prague...

  4. Thanks for all - we havn't found the puppy yet and i am starting to think it won't be back =0(

    AND Prague was awsom as usual!!!
    thanks again!!

  5. I hope you get your puppy back! And I want to hear more about Prague, it sounds amazing!


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