Jun 30, 2010

I love blogs, I love learning and getting inspired!

Since I am a "STAY HOME MOM" and since my pregnancy made me stay at bed for lonnnnnnnng time mom, I must say I have learned so so much from the Internet. So many talented and lovely ladies who shares their ideas and techniques online got me so inspired and thought me a great deal of things!!! One of the greatest blogs I follow is Prudent Baby. I Must say that I have learned all I know about sewing from this blog (and I would like to thank Jamie its owner for keeping it so good and a live =)). I am making so many things for my girl and for myself out of her amazing tutorials, if you do not know her blog yet you MUST enter!!

And so it happened, that my mommy asked me to make a little dress for a friend's sweetly girl. I, of course used this tutorial for dress basics, and I have another sweet lady, Kate from Fox lane, who got me so inspired with her crochet motifs added to little dresses that I had to give it a try as well!

Thanks for all!!! I enjoy this so much!

Much love


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  2. Oops, sorry, forgot my husband was logged onto Blogger.

    Here is my comment under my username:
    What a cute little dress! I think the crochet trims you have added to the dress make it even more special. :)

  3. so cute and the crochet gives it special touch - lucky girl (-:

  4. Hooray!
    It looks fabulous! The crochet trim makes it, I think.
    Your Mum's friend will be thrilled. X

  5. Adorable lovely dress! Now I am off to look over your recommended blogs.

  6. Thanks ya' all =) I am really proud of her, and for many more to come, because this is very addictive!

  7. I love blogs too :)...You did such a great job, I love it!


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