Jun 10, 2010

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I didn't have the heart to throw away all the little fabric leftovers.... don't ask why, I just piled it up in one box.
At first I thought we'll use it next spring for birds houses, but when I ran out of stuffing material....I have decided to chop chop it all,
and to stuff with it some new owls =D

If you want to play this week go to Kootoyoo see all the lovely spaces and join!

I am heading off to "School tour" with my girl and her pre-school class =) This should be exiting !

Much love


  1. I don't have the heart to throw away stuff either. The content of your box looks super pink - hehe! :)

  2. You have the prettiest scraps. Perfect for owl stuffing when you run out. Good luck with choosing a school.

  3. Good use of those scraps for sure..And enjoy your day at pre-school..I will be headed in that direction next year...

  4. much better inside an owl than in the bin! have fun with the school tour ~ it's a big step :)

  5. ...gili must be super excited

    love your recycling - such a good idea (-:

  6. Thanks =) It was very exciting and scary as well =D I must get over it =) and realize I have a big girl now =)

  7. Brilliant idea Ooty. Really brilliant! xo

  8. Maybe you could reuse the scraps and make brooches. such beautiful fabric needs to be displayed

  9. What a Lovely fabric mess it makes.
    god thinking anyhow.

  10. Beautiful, delicate fabric choices. Great idea to use them for stuffing. I sometimes do the same.


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