Jun 17, 2010

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My Friend Sari from Gaialai, has some craziness for Lizards =D. Don't ask me why but she does! She has the largest Iguana I have ever seen on earth living walking free around her house (trust me it is like a little dinosaur....).
Anyway, when she asked me to make her new Apron for her glass lampwork, I knew I have to somehow add a lizard to it =D.
I must say, since sewing is new to me - I had hard time adding this applique since it was such a thin fabric and delicate outline, But, I am pleased with it now =D. (Just not too sure of doing it again=D).

If you want to play this week go to Kootoyoo see all the lovely spaces and join!

Much love


  1. oh she's gone frick out - it's amazing...CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER REACTION TOMORROE
    and next item on shopping list is flizelin lol

  2. looks beautiful, you are new to sewing!!? wow! oh and i have to say such a giant lizard in the house would totally scare me, eek!

  3. Your lizard loving friend will love it! Its fantastic! And I had no idea your baby is due so soon. How exciting. X

  4. I love your lizard applique, you've done a beautiful job. She's going be beside herself. co

  5. Applique can be really really fiddly but yours looks fantastic :) Kx

  6. Ooty that's real pretty. I love your choice of fabrics. The combo of light blue with brown and white is perfect!

  7. It looks great!

    Did you use a stabilizer for the applique? That can help make your very thin fabric be a little more substantial and easier to attach. :)

  8. Just gorgeous! I had a salamander thing going on in high school...doodled them everywhere. Your friend will surely love these little guys...

  9. wow, you've done a great job with the lizard ~ i think she'll love it :)

  10. love it! it's so nice to get something personalized like that. co m.


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