Jun 23, 2010

How about blue?

Blue lovely tunic =), this one has large pockets on the sides, and can be worn both sides =) My mini likes the dark fabric better, so she has it like this. She wanted me to make her something BLUE, and these were the only blue fabrics I had.

No pattern really, I tried to make her a dress and she asked for a tunic instead, so I was playing with the fabrics until I came up with something =D.

Also shoulder strap  are tied by hand =) so it can fits many sizes =) 

{Trying to catch the last little orenge on the tree}

Much love


  1. lovely!
    any color fits her - and you? go open a new shop-clothes line!!!!

  2. Ooty that is so pretty! You truly have a gift here!!

  3. how cute!!! very lovely and practical... aaahh!! shes soo pretty too :)

  4. What a beauty (your daughter)! And the top is perfect for hot sunny days picking oranges. You clever thing, Elle xx

  5. Looks great- perfect fit and colour on her. What a smile! xo m.


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