Jun 18, 2010

Adults are also on my "TO DO" list =)

{This one was too big to capture so I made this little collage}

New Apron and NOT for a child =D. My friend saw on of my little girl's apron and asked for me to make one super large size to be comfy for her.
And so I did =).

I am proud to say that all the straps are made by my self, out of lefties that I have found in my studio =)

And now, I am getting ready, on my way to our Arts and crafts Forum meeting =) It is always great fun, great food, lovely handmade gifting and group crafting. Today we are going to make owls together, should be lots of fun =) Hope you enjoy your Friday as well.

Much love


  1. u'r friend likes to say thankyou so much!!! it realy boutifull and fits my XXL size :-) I love it!!!

  2. Me wants one too!! Ooty, those are great, and seriously, I want one too!! I've been wanting a (sexy) kitchen apron but what I found was either ugly or too expensive...


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