Jun 8, 2010

My Flickr faves of the week

1. "Bing Necklace 1" of Recycled Aluminum Cans ~ 2 of 2 photos, 2. Pen organizer made from a recycled phone book, 3. Recycled bag mat, 4. Vibrant Women Recycled Clutch


Now that I can't really get my hands away from the sewing machine, I have noticed (again) that my studio is such a messssssss.
I took some old clothes from my dad and made little dresses from it, and we love the recycling idea of it. So this week I was searching the net and flickr for some nice but simple recycling ideas that can help out clear some stuff from my studio and will use 'em to create =).
What do you think about the ideas I'd found? Great right?

If you like to play this week, make your mosaic and add a link to Artmind's blog =).

Much Love


  1. I think recycling is not only good for the mother earth, but also for our creativity...so have fun :-)

  2. ooh i love the פurse-LOOKS A LOT LIKE YOU...

  3. Really fantastic ideas and good for the planet! Those pencil organizers are amazing!

  4. Great mosaic and ideas. Always fun to turn 'throwaway' things into beautiful objects. Thanks for posting! I especially love that Clutch!

  5. Yes, they ideas are great! I LOVE the recycling idea. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you all =) I just hope I can make it all on time =)

  7. I love the phone book pen holder!
    Recycling is the best! :)

  8. I love the pen organizer too!!


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