Apr 11, 2009

Tiny Ghosts

Picnik collage, originally uploaded by Oooty.
My Ghosty ceramics earrings are made from white earthenware clay, impressed with a tiny tiny ghosty design and glazed in a clear glaze. I promise you that theses sweet ghosts are very friendly ones =0) and means no harm, but hanging out on human’s ears =D
The process of making these earrings is a long but very
satisfying one:
First, I formed the shape and stamped the wet clay, and let it try slowly in the room temperature.
After drying totally, I place it in the kiln for 1st fire.
After cooling from fire, I glaze it and let it dry again. And then, it goes to the kiln for 2nd fire.
12 karat Gold is applied over the cooled glaze and back again for 3rd fire!!!!!
So it is a long process, minimum 2 weeks for it to be made.
But, as I mentioned, very pleasant one!!!
Much Love

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