Apr 25, 2009



Yesterday I needed to get some shopping done. I had to buy some special gifts for several friends events =0). I am totally gift shopper freak!!!!!
After I finished with all of my “dues”, I spotted green stones from a short distance =). I could not resist this set, it is something I wanted for some time to have (I am crazy about greens as you already know).



I kindly asked the seller to warp it for a gift and gave it to my husband when I got back home. At first, he did not know what (the hell) I want from him =0) but, with a little explanation( I told him that he just bought me some sweet nice gift and I thank him for that =D)
He was very pleased with the idea, and I was pleased to “give” me over my gift =D.

Much love

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  1. I love the greens too and these are just divine!


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