Apr 15, 2009

Success is the only option

fish lady ceramic, originally uploaded by Oooty.

Success is the only option!
I keep telling this to myself, and becoming to believing in it.
I have to admit, that many times I thought about giving up but ,now,I know I deserve better than letting some evil ruin and run my own life.
So this time, I know that no matter what the dark side has in mind for me, I am united with my love and dear dear family. I get my strength from good people along the way which is so great to know during such times =0)
So I thank you all sweet souls that came around and were there for us.
We are going away for the weekend to stay in the sunniest city in Israel, the warming weather should give us some comfort for sure =0)

Much love


  1. Have a great time. I bet you will return packed full of creative ideas :o)

  2. Do you know I put this sticker sentence in my studio???? I bought it in my brother store - a big dark red "Success is the only option" sentence!!! It's beautiful, strong and inspirantional!!! You should have it too!!!



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