Apr 14, 2009

stay sane

I try to keep my head up and not to let myself fall into sadness and loss.
I know there is no way on earth that such evil would win, and
I know I am good in heart and I know I made no harm to no one -
So I do have faith in life, in god and in human kind -
That this time
The good ones will win.
I am going through some hard time , because someone decided so.
I am holding on through it all, trying to stay sane, keeping my family strong and united more than ever
I am learning so much from it about myself.
So, I thank the hard time for they teach me and let me know how important it is
To have your loved ones loving you back with no conditions,
And to have art in life as a great great comfort.
I know that most of you don’t know what it is about, but I felt the need to share.
12k gold on porcelain
I am making earrings and rings lately, it keeps my head busy with positive and beautiful, and gives me comfort.
I am having hard time taking good pics of it, but this is what I got so far (I hope you like it!!!)
Much love,
Stay safe and in light


  1. darling - i know i've already said it - but we shall overcome!!!
    you're allways in my thoughts and i'm here for you 24/7..keep doing amazing jewlery (good for us both lol) and thanks again

  2. your latest batch of earrings are beautiful.

  3. Sorry to hear you're going through some rough times but it sounds like you're a positive thinker so all will be good in the end.
    Keep strenght! *hug*

  4. Thanks to all of you! Really!
    If I thought I would be as this positive 6 months ago I would not believe it! But I guess life has its own ways for surviving and I am glad to find that out about myself.
    Thanks again!!


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