Jan 6, 2009

New for 2009!!!

pink&green Soap flakes Ceramic Fragrance ball by ooty
pink &green 

Soap flakes Ceramic Fragrance ball by ooty
Handmade ceramic ball, filled with soap flakes.
Perfect for use inside closet between garments, or inside
brown green and pink Soap flakes Ceramic Fragrance ball
Soap flakes Ceramic Fragrance ball.
I use sensitive skin care type soap for Flakes making. Made only from natural ingredients.
The flakes gentle fragrance create refreshing feeling, also perfect for babies clothes and undergarments.
pink &green Soap flakes Ceramic Fragrance ball
This also can be placed inside small basket in the washroom, toilets or any other room in the house.
Flakes are also replace able, you can make it on your own =0) Just open it, throw away the flakes, wash the ceramic ball, and fill in with new once (Balls can be dishwasher used).
I love making it! More to come this week (hopefully …war does hurts!)
Stay safe and take care!!!
Much love

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  1. These are lovely, Ooty, but still curious on how you can fill them...
    I want to know more about you so perhaps you should check my latest post in my blog... ;)


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