Jan 8, 2009

Five little loves ( I was Tagged=0))

I have been tagged by the fabulous ArtMind to name five things I love and do in the everyday.
First loves that comes to mind are of course my girl, husband and the little animal zoo that I’ve got at home… but I’ll pass on the obvious and here it is, my five loveable things at my day:

1) Sleeping.

 I adore my bed =) I have lots of lots of pillows all around and over me. It is my favorite hobby. If I have more than 30 min free I’ll be spending it sleeping (people go to Tennis, craft classes and such things, I go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep).

2) Fluff friends Facebook playing.


Well I have to admit that at first I was little embarrassed sayin’ it – but now I got so addicted that I don’t care anymore =D it is the perfect runaway “place” people are very nice there always giving gifs getting petted and other sweet activity.

3) Spending time in my home studio.

Even if I don’t have the muse or the time to make something I have to spent some time there. With a cup of coffee, just sterring at things or daydreaming, the world is much nicer from this room =) (this very messy room I mean).

4) Art on the net.

I never have enough time to look at all things I want to!!! So many great artists, such great inspiration, I love it all :Flickr, DeviantArt, Blogger, crafter, ArtFaceOff and my Hebrew ‘Arts and craft’ community that I manage for the last 5 years. I love getting to know all the great people behind the great works!!!

5) Taking long lemon relaxing baths.


This is a MUST for me and for my sanity. I live in a crazy place with lots of tension, so this is how I choose to end my day at my shower room with lemon’s smell all over (which known for its calming characters) this is the only time at a day no one will interrupt me =P My advice: you should give it a try!!!!

I know I need to Tag 5 more people so they’ll will let us know what are the five everyday loves , but I am new “around here” so I’d be glad if any of you my readers will do so =D and this way I will get to know you better =)
Much love


  1. Ohhh, why didn't I think of sleeping! I love sleeping too!
    And I wish we had a bath, we only have a shower but I love that too! :)
    Thanks so much for playing Ooty, it was fun to see your five everyday loves! :)

  2. I just found your blog, beautiful pictures! I love how you picked such simple, relaxing loves :)


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