Jan 11, 2009

Weekend is over..

Bunny silhouette, originally uploaded by Oooty.

The weekend is over =(

It was very relaxing calming Saturday. I did my best to try to live and breathe out right, trying not to think about the war and just letting myself have some rest.

So I was sleeping most of it ( I guess I needed it =)). Beside sleeping I was at my home studio with my girl. I was making cards and pictures silhouettes.

I love making these silhouettes it is such a calming practice =)

My camera is ill =( so it is pic from my spare one, once I’ll get it fixed I will post the new cards and silhouettes pictures =0)

(oh my I feel so useless without my cam :-P)

Much love




  1. I hope you get your camera back soo. I love sleep too especially on weekends when you can sleep in late. Have a good week.


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