Jan 22, 2009

Golden rings

I usually don’t make jewelry, I rather buy it, or get it as gifts =0)
This time I was trying to find another way to recycle clay leftover,
And decided to give rings a try.
I added clear glaze and 12karat gold luster.
The results are rough but I like it so far. Maybe next time I will make it more delicate and gentle.
I am going to my Arts and Crafts forum meeting in the morning. I know we are going to have super great time!
Now I have to get all my presents ready and rap it all =0)
Much love


  1. What a great way to recycle. Is it prcelain clay? It looks so white! I like the gold luster, never tried that! Can't wait till I have my kiln so that I can experiment...

  2. Lusters are such a great fun and great upgrade for some works you should really give it a try!!!!
    and i used here the same white clay ya' use - it is the gold that makes it looks like it=0)
    but my next recycling will be made out of porcelain because it is harder material and will be stronger from the clay...
    (Although all my friends+sister who stole them from me are satisfide just as it is lol)


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